Our Team

Photo of Craig Willeke

Craig Willeke

In his free time, Craig likes to pursue many hobbies and set challenges for himself to learn or activities to pursue. He has a passion for fitness related activities. His main hobby has been various martial arts for over the last 30+ years, with his training now solely in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Craig especially enjoys setting personal challenges with his son, Conor. Past examples of challenges include pullups, timed L-sits, mountain bike jumping, target shooting, flint knapping, drumming, language learning, kettlebell related exercises, and more.

Collage of Craig Willeke

One of Craig’s many hobbies is reading. He is particularly drawn to books focused self-improvement, betterment, and growth. Here’s a list of his favorites from over the years.

  • Atomic Habits
  • The Slight Edge
  • The Happiness Advantage
  • The 4-Hour work week
  • Extreme Ownership
  • The Gift of Fear

Craig Willeke is a financial advisor and the President and proud owner of Willeke Financial Group, LLC. He has been in financial services since 2003. He works with a variety of clients including professionals, business owners and farmers. Craig’s first career was as an Occupational Therapist, which includes a background in psychology. Craig enjoys using a holistic approach when working with his clients. He enjoys providing guidance to his clients on the important, but often overlooked area of behavioral finance. He uses the MAP® (Macro Asset Perspective) system to provide guidance to his clients. When guiding his clients, Craig pays close attention to setting up a plan that takes into account not only best financial practices, but best practices for efficiency and automation as well. This helps his clients stay the course when unexpected events come up. He uses various systems and practices to make best use of his and his clients’ time. He believes that once you get financially “headed in the right direction,” it shouldn’t take much time or effort maintain the course other than periodic checkups and adjustments.

Prior to becoming an advisor, Craig enjoyed working with people in the health care setting as an Occupational Therapist in outpatient and later in specialized Durable Medical Equipment. He Graduated in 1993 with a B.S. in Psychology, Minor in Business from Nebraska Wesleyan University. He also was awarded a Master of Occupational Therapy Degree from Rockhurst University (Kansas City, MO) in 1997.

Craig also used his passions for fitness and helping people to start and co-own a kettlebell gym, Fit Club for 5 years (Fit Club is a play on words from the movie Fight Club and a nod to Craig’s interest in combat sports).

Craig has been a proud member of the Million Dollar Round Table consistently since 2011. Craig has also received his LUTCF (Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow) designation as well as the CLTC® (Certified in Long Term Care®) Designation.

Craig enjoys volunteering for Money Management Educators, a non-profit that educates employees at the workplace on money management skills.

Photo of Tea Lundell

Tea Lundell

Tea is married to Randal and together they have a daughter named Kaylinh.  The name “Kaylinh” is a representation of her daughter.  “Kay” is English and “Linh” is Vietnamese - just like her daughter.  In fact, her first children’s book was inspired by her daughter biracial/bicultural identity..

Family time is at the highest priority with Tea.  She loves sharing her Vietnamese heritage and culture with anyone who is interested.  She enjoys learning new things and being intellectually challenged.  She takes pride in empowering families and friends to do things beyond their imagination.  She’s committed to loving life to its fullest and leaving a brighter, kinder legacy behind for future generations.

Collage of Tea Lundell

At 10 years old and barely able to speak English, a librarian gave Tea, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie when she asked, “Librarian, please show me good important book.”  It was a hard read and it was the beginning of what is possible for Tea.  Here are the list of her favorite books: 

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • Think and Grow Rich
  • Mindset
  • The Gratitude Effect
  • The Power of Zero
  • The Slight Edge
  • The Secret

Tea Lundell has been in the insurance and financial service industry since 2010.  She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She formerly owned a Vietnamese-English interpreting business for 20 years, several nail salons for 17 years, a rental real estate business for 10 years, and is a published author. 

Prior to working in the financial service industry, she aspired to be a pediatric cardiovascular surgeon and spent 9 years working in the medical field during her medical studies.

She chose to specialize in helping medical professionals achieve the life that they want with a forward looking approach.  Many times people are intimidated about money discussions because it can be overwhelming.  Multiple professionals, helping in different specialities such as tax, legal, investing and insurance make financial planning a formidable task.  Tea uses a  forward looking approach with her clients to give them the confidence that their needs are being met.  She works with her clients to clarify their goals and she works with their existing professionals to provide the best and most efficient plans. 

Tea works like a conductor of  an orchestra. There are different musicians playing different instruments, but they’re all playing from the same music sheet.  With the conductor’s guidance, you get a symphony, not just random noise! If you don’t have an existing team in place? No worries.  Tea can help you assemble the right team for your needs. She doesn’t believe in forcing her clients into a “one-size-fits-all” mold.  Instead, she starts with her client, the individual, and creates a plan around him/her.    

Photo of Jamie Schwanke

Jamie Schwanke

She is in charge of client relationship management, social media and service work for existing clients. She, like Craig, also has a healthcare background. She graduated from nursing school in 2007 and worked for several years in direct patient care.

Jamie has 3 children and enjoys spending most of her time outside of the office attending her children’s sporting events.

Jamie also loves to travel and experience new culture and cuisine.