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Proactive planning for a
lifetime of wise decisions

For nearly twenty years, we’ve been helping business owners and professionals create strategic financial plans that propel them toward success.

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Taking the Willpower Out
of Financial Decisions

Life is full of decisions, and the fewer you have to make, the easier your life becomes. When you have a plan and a process in place, everyday decisions become automatic habits, which increases your chance of success and lowers your risk of making a mistake. At Willeke Financial Group, we help clients develop successful habits by leveraging the power of proactive planning, so you make the right decisions automatically. 

Much of the way people manage money is psychological—you make financial decisions based on excitement, hope, fear, or biased information. But at Willeke, we help you uncover the facts behind your finances so you can make positive, informed decisions that lead to a lifetime of good choices. We’ll help you envision what’s down the road and even around the corner, and from there, we’ll create a plan that makes it simple to stay on track and move forward.

Our planning process is designed to make your life easier. We focus on preparing for as many scenarios as possible in the beginning so that down the road, you don’t have to waste your willpower or second-guess yourself—you just have to follow your plan. We love answering questions and teaching our clients, so whenever you want to stop and ask for directions, we’ll be here for you. At Willeke Financial Group, we’ll help you pack the car and give you the map—you just need to stay on course and enjoy your road trip.

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